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Maryland Violin Maker William Stapp

" There is no top. There are always further heights to reach."


               - Jascha Heifetz -

"I have the distinct pleasure of performing on a 2011 William Stapp violin.  I commissioned this instrument and would urge my professional violinist colleagues in search of a fine concert instrument to do the same.  Mr. Stapp's experience, pedigree, and obsessive attention to detail yields an exceptional instrument.  The tone is rich and complex.  It has a clarity and projection rarely found in other instruments I have tried over the years.  The instrument is extremely responsive and allows great nuance. Whether performing solos, chamber music, or symphonic repertoire, his violin is an absolute delight to play."  


Petr Skopek, Maryland Symphony 

"I am eager to recommend William Stapp, as I play one of his violins. The instrument has a clarity and brilliance that I have not found in many other more expensive violins. I recently played my Masters recital on this violin and couldn't have been more pleased. This fiddle does everything from Brahms to Mozart to Bach. Amazing."


Mariam Gregorian, Violinist and former student of Ronda Cole

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